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Virtues Classes for Children


Peacefulness: December 16, 2007.
Peacefulness is being calm inside.

Take time for daily reflection and gratitude.

Solve conflicts so everyone wins.

Be a peacemaker.

Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love.

Peace in the world begins with peace in your heart.

Things a family can do to practice Peacefulness …
· Create inner peace with daily reflection or prayer
· Use peaceful language even when you are angry
· Speak gently and respectfully
· Avoid harming anyone
· Appreciate differences
· Find peaceful solutions to every problem

Virtues class will not be held over the Christmas Holidays. Next class is Sunday January 6 at the Grand Bend Public School Community Room from 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. for children ages 5 - 14. All are welcome and it's free. Call Josy and Gord Britton at 238-6036 or

to register your child. Peace be with you and your families.


Idealism: December 9, 2007.

When you have ideals, you really care about what is right and meaningful in life.

You follow your beliefs.

You don't just accept things the way they are. You make a difference.

Idealists dare to have big dreams and then act as if they are possible.

Things a family can do to practice Idealism …
· Really care about what you value in life
· Dare to have big dreams
· Have a vision of what is possible
· Have a plan to make your ideals real
· Take action to make your dreams come true
· Do something to make a difference in the world



Trust: December 2, 2007.

Trust is having faith in someone or something.

It is a positive attitude about life.

You are confident that the right thin

g will happen without trying to control it or make it happen.

Even when difficult things happen, trust helps us to find the gift or lesson in it.

Things a family can do to practice Trust…
· Believe there is good in everything that happens
· Look for the lessons in painful experiences
· Let trust take away your worries
· Know that your best is good enough
· Trust others unless you have good reasons not to
· Don’t nag, worry, or try to take control

Call Josy and Gord Britton at 238-6036 or to register your child.



Tolerance: November 25, 2007

Being tolerant is accepting differences.

You don't expect others to think, look, speak or act just like you.

You are free of prejudice, knowing that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams.

Tolerance is also accepting things you wish were different with patience and flexibility.

Things a family can do to practice Tolerance …
· Build unity with others who are different from you
· Be free of prejudice
· Make others feel included by reaching out in friendliness
· Don’t complain about things that cannot be changed
· Change yourself instead of trying to change others
· Accept people the way they are, faults and all


Tact: November 18, 2007

Tact is telling the truth kindly, considerate of how your words affect others' feelings.

Think before you speak, knowing what is better left unsaid.

When you are tactful, others find it easier to hear what you have to say.

Tact builds bridges.
Things a family can do to practice Tact…
• Be careful about the feelings of others
• Stop yourself from teasing or embarrassing others
• Tell the truth kindly and gently
• Decide if it is better to tell the truth or keep silent
• Often keep unpleasant or critical thoughts to yourself
• Treat people who are different as you would treat anyone


Confidence: November 11, 2007.

Confidence is having faith in someone.

Self-confidence is trusting that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens

You feel sure of yourself and enjoy trying new things, without letting doubts or fears hold you back.

When you have confidence in others, you rely on them.

Things a family can do to practice Confidence…
· Know you are worthwhile and feel sure of yourself
· Don’t let fear, doubt or worry stop you
· Discover your talents and try new things
· Learn from your mistakes
· Think positively
· Trust that all things work together for good



Justice: Ocotber 28, 2007

Practicing JUSTICE is being fair. It is solving problems so everyone wins. You don't prejudge. You see people as individuals. You don't accept it when someone acts like a bully, cheats or lies. Being a champion for justice takes courage. Sometimes when you stand for justice you stand alone.

You are practicing JUSTICE when you:
* Treat everyone fairly
* Think for yourself and refuse to prejudge
* Avoid gossip and backbiting
* Own your mistakes and fix them
* Protect people's rights, including your own
* Solve problems so everyone wins


Truthfulness: October 21, 2007 .

Truthfulness is being honest in your words and actions.

You don't tell lies even to defend yourself.

Don't listen to gossip or prejudice. See the truth for yourself.

Don't try to be more than you are to impress others. Be yourself, your true self.

Things a family can do to practice Truthfulness…
Speak only the truth
Don’t let others tell you what to think
Investigate the truth for yourself
Know the difference between fact and fantasy
Admit it when you have made a mistake
Don’t exaggerate or deceive to impress others


Compassion: October 14, 2007

Compassion is understanding and caring when someone is hurt or troubled, even if you don't know them.

It is wanting to help, even if all you can do is listen and say kind words.

You forgive mistakes.

You are a friend when someone needs a friend.

Things a family can do to practice Compassion…
· Notice when someone is hurt or needs a friend
· Imagine how they must be feeling
· Take time to show that you care
· Ask how they are and listen patiently
· Forgive others when they make mistakes
· Be helpful to a person or animal in need

Thankfulness: October 7, 2007

Thankfulness is being grateful for what we have.It is an attitude of gratitude for learning, loving and being.Appreciate the little things that happen around you and within you every day.Think positively. Thankfulness brings contentment.

Things a family can do to practice Thankfulness …
· Be thankful for the gifts of life
· Appreciate your own abilities instead of envying others
· See the difficulties of life as an opportunity
· Enjoy your sense of wonder about the beauty in the world
· Be willing to receive what others want to give
· Count your blessings every day

Forgiveness: September 30, 2007

Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have done something wrong.Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of revenge, make amends.

Forgive yourself too.

Things a family can do to practice Forgiveness …
· Remember that everyone makes mistakes
· Share your feelings without taking revenge
· Stop giving uncaring people the chance to hurt you
· Accept people without judgment or criticism
· Take responsibility for your own mistakes
· Make amends instead of punishing yourself with guilt

Cooperation: September 23, 2007
Courtesy: September 16, 2007
Courage: September 9, 2007
Commitment: June 24, 2007
Honesty: June 17, 2007
Service: June 10, 2007
Integrity: June 3, 2007
Patience: May 20, 2007
Consideration: May 20, 2007
Responsibility: May 6, 2007
Gentleness: April 29, 2007
Moderation: April 22, 2007
Respect: April 1, 2007
Kindness: March 25, 2007
Cleanliness: March 18, 2007
Perseverence: March 4, 2007
Honour: February 25, 2007
Confidence: February 18, 2007
Love: February 11, 2007
Understanding: February 4, 2007
Self-Discipline: January 28, 2007
Reliability: January 21, 2007
Humility: January 14, 2007
Unity: January 7, 2007
Detachment: December 10, 2006
Enthusiasm: December 3, 2006
Helpfulness: November 26, 2006
Friendliness: November 19, 2006
Idealism: November 12, 2006
Justice: November 5, 2006
Purposefulness: October 29, 2006
Trustworthiness: October 22, 2006
Trust: October 15, 2006
Thankfulness: October 8, 2006
Compassion: October 1, 2006
Orderliness: September 24, 2006
Courage: September 17, 2006


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