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Lambton Shores is located on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

The Bahá'í community elected its first Spiritual Assembly on April 20, 2003 (all communities with more than nine Bahá'ís elect nine-member local governing bodies on an annual basis. There is no electioneering. These "Assemblies" govern the affairs of the community for the duration of their term).

The Bahá'í calendar consists of nineteen (19) months of nineteen (19) days each. At the beginning of each month Bahá'ís in local communities gather to pray, consult on community affairs and socialize. We also commemorate nine (9) holy days during the year — these holy days are associated with the lives of the Founders of the Faith and include the Bahá'í New Year which is celebrated on the 21st of March.

The Bahá'í community of Lambton Shores operates weekly children's classes which teach students the fundamentals of all the major religions and focus particularly on developing virtues that will enable the children to become responsible global citizens. These classes are open to the general public.

First Spiritual Assembly of Lambton Shores

Ridvan 2003